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Spoken directions are cut short

AlbanTAlbanT Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]

In the past few weeks my Tomtom (Go app on my Android phone) started to cut spoken directions short.
Like "Turn right after 6" instead of "Turn right after 600meters"
Any ideas on how to solve this?

I tried changing the language of the spoken directions but it seems tht they all have the same issue.

COuld it be an issue with V1.17?


  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Alban,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Could you also confirm your phone model and Android version, please?

    Cheers, Mikko
  • AlbanTAlbanT Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Sorry forgot about that :)

    HTC One M9
    Android 7.0 (
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Alban,

    Thanks! Sorry, I forgot to ask one more important detail: Which voice are you using when you experience this? Have you tried any other voices?

    Thanks, Mikko
  • pistonpiston Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have the same issue. The spoken directions are cut short. Samsung A5 2017, Android 7.0, voice Eva. Playing downloaded music at the same time via Spotify. No data connections active. My phone is connected to a Sena 10R.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Piston,

    Thanks for reporting this!

    Can you try if you can reproduce this without the headset, please? Trying other voices would also help narrow down the issue.

    Thanks, Mikko
  • Giant1953Giant1953 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Here the same problem with (dutch) voices Xander (computervoice which only sounds fractions of seconds) and standard voices Eva and Bram who only speak parts of the instructions. This is on my new Android car radio (Ownice C500). Tomtom ran perfect on old Android car radio. I bought a new one because the old one complained all the time about no memory. I really hope there is some kind of solution because I just payed las week for a new subscription till 2020.

    Just for fun I installed Navigon from the playstore. Navigon is also featuring Xander (same computer voice) and here he speakc flawlessly.
  • aemaldiaemaldi Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    In my case, I have a heat android unit in my car. With the new option I change the audio channel for the audio instructions in order to get them audible. But now, TomTom does not quit the radio before the instructions get audible. The instructions are heard (and the radio too in the background). At the end of the instruction, it swith off the radio, but just for a while and gets back the radio again.

    With the new option, TomTom Go works better with the audio instructions than with the old versions, but It does not work perfectly... And it should.
  • AlbanTAlbanT Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Sorry for the delay!

    I have this issue with any voice.
    I tested Lucy (Belgian), Doreen (African) and the Australian dude recently and all give me the same issue.
  • Giant1953Giant1953 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi, I found on another forum that this problem was introduced with version 1.17 of the TomTom Go app. So I installed version 1.16.1 on my Android radio and I'm happy to say that my problem is solved. Offcourse I can't update the app anymore, but maybe that TomTom manages to solve the problem.
  • indrek0711indrek0711 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi, is there any solution found? I have same problem - phone has Android 5.1, Go app is version 1.17.1. Voice directions are cut off from half sentence.
    No solution in 5 months?
  • Giant1953Giant1953 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    As can be found in my reply above, the workaround is using v1.16 of the app. It can be found at apkpure.com
  • indrek0711indrek0711 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I had problems with maps download with v1.16.1. It refused to connect and download any maps... You say that ver 1.16.1 works fine and it receives map updates also? And traffic works also?
  • Giant1953Giant1953 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Yes, I also had the problem that the app would not download maps. APKpure provides so called XAPK packages. This worked for me. You can find on their site how to use these packages.

    Everything workes, downloading maps as well as actual traffic information.

  • indrek0711indrek0711 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Well, thanks a lot, will give it another try! :)
  • JB2JB2 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have the voice cut-off problem with V1.17.1 and Lucy on Android 7 and 8. VERY annoying. Also using other voices.
    I do not have the problem with V1.17.1 and Lucy on Android 4.
  • VjkdigitalVjkdigital Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    I just downloaded the latest version from play store. On my Android head unit ALL recorded voices are cut in half. Interestingly when you "test" the voice in the download section it plays the announcement fine. Soon as you download any recorded voice and select it, when it plays from the unit the sample it's suddenly cut in half along with all the announcements while navigating. If you switch back to computer voice they all play fine.
    This thread was started 7 months ago, please tell me your not still waiting for this issue to be fixed, I just paid for it and will be going back for a refund if I can't use it.

    Also when tested on my Samsung S8+ the recorded voices are fine, it's just on the android head unit.
    Head unit is an octocore 2gb ram, 32gb storage.
  • indrek0711indrek0711 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    As it was pointed out, solution is go back to ver 1.16.1. I have ver 1.16 atm and don't have any distortions. Of cource until we have fixed new version from Tomtom.
  • VjkdigitalVjkdigital Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    Unfortunately I can't. I don't have the old version and it was installed from play store.

    Think I'll be cancelling the subscription.
  • indrek0711indrek0711 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    You can install the older version through app called 'APKpure'. Install it from their website https://apkpure.com/. Then launch the app, search 'Tomtom go', but dont install the default selection. Instead go 'Version history' and there you can find all the previous Tomtom go versions.
  • VjkdigitalVjkdigital Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    Ok. Thanks.

    Are there any other bugs to expect from the older version?
  • AsprinAsprin Posts: 271 [Supreme Pioneer]

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    Asprin624 wrote:

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  • Rider400Rider400 Posts: 162 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I've noticed it to.
    I use the Male non TTS Dutch voice with single headset

    Galaxy S6 Android 7
  • DougBrooksDougBrooks Posts: 22 [Master Explorer]
    same problem on my android head unit running android 6 , been like it for months. Just like the bug where it americanises every direction islands are now rotaries etc
  • Dutch-RiderDutch-Rider Posts: 18 [Master Explorer]
    On my new phone (Doogee S60) it is worse then my previous Galaxy s6.
    It also happens with the internal speaker but there it is very minimal

    It doesn't happen with other navigation-apps. So it is a very typical TomTom issue
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