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Planning new workouts

mizziummizzium Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
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Hi all,
I have a Tom Tom multi sport watch. I'd want to planning my workouts. I would like to add some workout that I did with Runtastic App.
Is it possibile? Is it possible to create a workout and insert into the watch?
Best Regards, Maurizio


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,688
    No it is not. You are limited to the workouts available in MySports, with over 50 to choose from and the ability to customize them. However, this is available in the latest update which is a staggered rollout so you may not have it available to you yet,

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi mizzium,

    Unfortunately, this release won't be available for your watch. For more information about the new Personalized Workaouts feature and the supported products, please see

    Cheers, Mikko
  • mizziummizzium Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Hi MikkoK, thank you for the answer. So I can not do personalised workouts? Very sad
  • mizziummizzium Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Any idea MikkoK?
  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,688
    You have a 4 year old watch that is no longer being updated. The new features are only being rolled out to the newer models. Your only option is to upgrade to a new device.
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