Motorhome maps for GO 6000

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Can I download a motorhome version of maps on my GO6000


  • Niall
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    As the serial number of your GO6000 starts with "QQ" you will find that is not compatible with the Europe Camper map here
  • jpbcrn
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    Thanks for that info - what TomTom would I need to be compatible - as it appears I am unable to buy a TomTom for motorhome use
  • Troggy53
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    I considered buying a dedicated Camper Satnav but decided against it as there is a plethora of hard copy or web site or smartphone app from various 3rd party sources like ACSI. etc. These are kept up to date immediately or Annually and hold far greater detail than on a TomTom dB.
    I use those to choose specific targets in a general location and input Lat/Long to get to exact point. Sometimes just linking them in a route so if one is no good just carry on to next one.
    I bought and use a TT Trucker 6000 for inputting all the vehicle dimensions of my 8 metre long motorhome. It has some in built large vehicle related POIs but even so, like most of the other makes it tries to send me down small roads. (An improvement yet to be fixed. )
    My buddy has the dedicated Garmin Camper but they still buy 3rd party info to select sites. Seems a waste to the spend extra money to me but it's all a personal choice.