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Feature Request - Delete partial round via watch

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I sometimes use my watch when i pop to the course after work and play a few holes. if it is busy i may play 3, 4 ,5, 1 and then drop a few balls for my approach, all of which i want to use the yardage. But afterwards I am not interested in keeping any of the data record, so when I'stop' the round i would like to delete it


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    Apparently the round data a stored in three (!) different locations: the watch, the Phone (the "Golfer" app) and the PC (the "TomTom Sports" app). You can delete round data on the PC but that is not very relevant as you cannot do much with those files anyway. I tried to delete round date on the Phone (in the TomTom_mySports directory) but the deleted round still shows up in the analysis, messing up the statistics. And apparently there is no way to delete round data from the watch at all.
    It would be nice if we could delete data from selected rounds from watch and Phone, to save space (on the watch) and to avoid bad data messing up the statistics (on the Phone). If this is too difficult it should at least be possible to delete the last round on the watch before syncing with the Phone, so that it does not mess up the statistics.
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    UPDATE: I Think I have to apologize to the software developers of the Golf Mobile app, because by fiddling around (There is no manual for the app?) I found that in fact you CAN delete rounds in the app. On the list of rounds touch the date and swipe it to the left. You then get the options to "delete" or "share" the round. "share" gives you a number of options which platform to use for sharing (Whatsapp, eMail etc.) I have not yet tested this. "Delete" indeed deletes the round BUT apparently it messes up the statistics and "ultimate round" for that course.
    On the "Scorecard" screen for a round you can add and delete strokes and putts for each hole. However, in the rightmost column the symbols for birdies, bogeys etc. are not updated.
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