Barometer for weather on Adventurer

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To be honest I see no advantage for the Adventurer over the Spark 3. Why would you fork out another 100$ for an altimeter which the Spark 3 already has (practically). Though consider it has a barometric altimeter, I presumed it would be able to tell the weather. It seems like a no brainier. That would really make the Adventurer stand out and I know that if they added it I would get that instead but at the moment it's silly to get the Adventurer. There needs to be some sort of advantage over the Spark 3 apart from a little durability though to fix that for my Spark 3 I just got a good glass screen protector for mine. I'm not sure if they could update the Adventurer and use the hardware it already had to add weather but if they did I think it would make a huge impact on sales. I would appreciate if this could be sent to feedback for consideration please. Thanks


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    I totally agree. The Adventurer could do so much more as a watch. Having bought two and owning one since launch I have come to the conclusion that TomTom watches do the bare minimum. For the price they need to do more to stay attractive vs the competition.
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    Agreed as well. I bought the Adventurer during the second week of availability and I did so because of the price, not the features for the price. I work in the industry, so I got a big break on it and though I am a bug fan of it and TomTom, I would buy a Fenix 5 for a comparable price, simply because it leverages its own tech better. Still, very happy with the Adventurer nonetheless!