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Small blue arrow on Route Planner

Corona26Corona26 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
On Route Planner there’s a small blue arrow in a dark grey circle which is placed at some random point a few miles from my home marker. An identical icon is at the right hand side of the screen just below the zoom “+” and “-“ buttons. When this is clicked the screen centers on the blue arrow on the map whereupon the one at the right hand side (the one just clicked) disappears, only to reappear if the map is moved off center. I can’t move the arrow or get rid of it and it appears to serve no useful purpose. It has changed position under its own volition from some other seemingly random point over the past few weeks. Any suggestions gratefully received, thank you.


  • MvanAkenMvanAken Posts: 459
    The chevron indicates your current location, based on geolocation.

    Geolocation will try to determine your position using one of these several ways. These number, show the ordered devices about what Geolocation will give your location.

    1. GPS (Global Positioning System)
    This happen for smartphone / anything which has GPS inside. If you have smartphone with GPS capabilities and set to high accuracy mode, you'll likely to obtain the location data from this. GPS calculate location information from GPS satelite signal. It has the highest accuracy. In most Android smartphone, the accuracy can be up to 10 metres.

    2. Mobile Network Location
    This happen if you use a wireless modem or phone without GPS chip built in it. Rather than GPS satellite's signal, this one use signal from mobile provider

    3. WiFi Positioning System
    If you are indoor, and using Wifi, this is the likely you'll get. Some WiFi have location services capabilities.

    4. IP Address Location
    This one will detects your location based on nearest Public IP Address on your devices, (can be your computer, or the router, or your ISP provider). Depend on the IP information available, but in many case where the IP is hidden behind Internet Service Provider NAT, the accuracy is in level of city, region, or even country.
  • Corona26Corona26 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you for your excellent answer MvanAken which has answered a question that has bugged me for a while. I'm using an older desktop PC so I guess I fall into category 4, using IP Address Location. It looks like it could be a useful shortcut when route planning but it's so wide of my real location it's pretty much useless. A great shame they haven't incorporated a method number 5 by which the real location could be "forced" by the user. Thank you once again. C26.
  • MvanAkenMvanAken Posts: 459
    You're welcome; and that's why TomTom offers you the option to set your Home location in MyPlaces.
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