TomTom VIA 135 Disconnects WIFI when connected through USB MAC

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As the subject title suggests, when trying to update my TomTom through 'My Drive' on my mac, it knocks out the WiFi connection meaning I can't update or upload anything onto the device.

I know this is a common problem with windows 10 but I'm on OS and can't find any help thus far on the forums.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have a big trip to Europe coming up shortly and could do with an up to date device!



  • Niall
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    Is there any possibility that you can connect your Mac to your router via Ethernet, then you can do your critical update straight away.

    If you are confident with writing MacOs scripts have a look at this
  • tjchitt86
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    Ha thanks I'm not THAT confident with MAC scripts but will give the ethernet option a try thanks
  • Drfizzy
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    Trying to set up my new 6200 today and thought I'd use MyDrive to update on my Mac - big mistake - it only seems to allow WiFi. Spent ages trying to connect to home router WiFi - this 'saved' password setting but could not get 'connect' despite many many attempts.

    Realised eventually that 6200 had self-assigned an IP address while connected to the Mac and could not assign a new IP to Wifi direct. Tried WiFi to router again after disconnecting from Mac USB and got 'connect' first time and updated! Plugged into mains USB adapter to power during update instead of computer USB.

    Lesson learned - power 6200 from mains USB adapter to use WiFi updates and not computer