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I will start by making a clarification to my suggestion: I know TomTom Sports has collaborated with Firstbeat in order to deliver VO2max fitness level detection, Fitness Age and Fitness Points. ( https://www.firstbeat.com/en/news/tomtom-sports-watches-deliver-new-fitness-insights-powered-firstbeat-analytics/ )
Today I would like to ask if in future TomTom will add Recovery Time Advisor, a useful feature, linked to the intensity of the exercise, in order to avoid overtraining and injuries.
When you complete a session, this info shows you the amount of time that your body needs to complete the work of restoration, predicting how long it will be your next intense workout, before your body is fully recovered and ready for it.
I hope that the collaboration between TomTom and Firstbeat is going to deliver also this feature

For further info: https://www.firstbeat.com/en/consumer-feature/recovery-time/


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    Hi Xherdan,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for your feedback, I'll log this as an improvement request for the product team to review! :)

    Cheers, lampard
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    Thanks so much