Can not find TomTom GO 620 Chinese Voice pack to download

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Hi my Tomtom Go 50 is too old, so I have bought a new Go 620 last week. But I find it is a bit diffrent to update my navi mainly because of Go 620 is with a wifi.
When I was using my Go 50, I was using a chinese voice pack all the time. I have download it through Tomtom mydrive connect, but I could not find Chinese version voice pack anymore with my Tomtom Go 620.I have also checked the 'Voice' on tomtom website, no chinese version voice.
Could you please tell me if there is still way to find and download it.
Thank you.


  • dhn
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    It appears that language is not supported for that model. See scroll down in the following link:
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    I've got the same moan. I used to use the Chinese voice all the time on my old Go, a) to bump up my Chinese (I'm a learner) but also b) to use a different headspace than the realtime conversations I might be having with my passenger (who can't speak Chinese, so isn't distracted by the voice). I was a bit miffed when I found that the voice wasn't included in the new gadget (520 or 620) but REALLY disappointed :# when it wasn't even available for download. I've switched to French now :/