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The Curfer, VANS, data and warranty

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1] Plugging this item into ones "port" will not invalidate the manufactures warranty? its a question NOT a statement!
2] Assuming it does not invalidate the warranty, is this item compatible with Mercedes Vans
3] I cover long distances and would be keen to see this data logged?
4] Could this data be used to reduce ones insurance premiums?

having owed several vans over the years. Mercedes have always found was to "invalidate" a claim when they find equipment plugged into or using the vehicles systems that are not "genuine parts" or not fitted by them. A definitive reply by TOMTOM would put my mind at rest. With regards my other questions, I would be keen to know the answers - regards Don


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    HI Don,

    I'm not aware of any warranty related issues with using the CURFER but you might check that with your car manufacturer or deal. For compatibility, please see here.

    With CURFER you can indeed record your trip data. For more information, please see here.

    Whether you can use this data for insurance purposes would be up to your insurance company. I'd recommend you to get in touch with them about that.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    HI Mikko, I appreciate your reply but officially Mercedes will not authorise any equipment attached to their vehicles unless approved by them and that's not going to be possible unless TOMTOM have that already, its sounds as if NO. My vehicle is on the compatibility list but that's missing the point. In my case its not an issue since my van is out of manufacturers warranted T&C's. I had a court case with MB about this issue and it was quite clear a NON MB part could invalidate the warranted status of the vehilce. In the real world it might not be a problem until there is a fault that is. Only then one has to look at the small print and dealers love to avoid accepting liability! I am going to purchase this and will order one today and see how help me.....
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    Hi Don,

    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles!

    I'm not a legal expert so I can't comment on such matters. You'll find our legal documents here.

    I'll flag your case with our legal department to make sure we're informing our customers correctly about these kinds of matters.

    Cheers, Mikko
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