Help me understand the difference Spark, Spark 3 and Runner 3

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I currently only the runner 3 and am really appreciating the device. I am tempted to upgrade to a cardio version. I was under the impression that hardware and software the Runner and Spark are the same.

I notice this Spark product on offer. I looked at the Spark 3 and Spark device and it looks like they have the same Spec. My question is what is the difference between this and the Spark 3?

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    The Spark is an older version that came out several years ago. It would be a step backwards to go from a Spark3 to a Spark (there was no Spark2 in between). The Runner3 and Spark3 are the exact same watch, they have different names for marketing purposes. If you want a Cardio version go with a Spark3 or Runner3 Cardio.

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