4 GB split files for recording - I've wasted money, will this change to non stop

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I bought two of these for my motorbike for when out and about and have AFTER reading the forums have knowledge they record for so long stop then start.

I live in Bangkok, Thailand so sought after a non stop camera, why is this restriction in place as my Sony device does not stop? Software.

I'm deeply unhappy it does this as like I said driving in Bangkok is quite funky sometimes so non stop recording was a MUST! why has TOM TOM not socialized this CRUCIAL limitation - I feel I have been robbed of nearly 400 Pound Stirling, they are door stops to me as even on lowest resolution it still requires 2 files.

So my URGENT questions are :

When is non stop recording until card full going to happen like on my Sony these were bought to replace, but are functionally not able to?
Why is there not a lower resolution available to ensure it at least can record circa 1 hour of video, I' not a snowboarder who needs 10 minutes or so, these were bought to potentially save my LIFE!

Waste of money I will sell them at a LOSS and get Sony again.

Yours a feeling tricked customer



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    I haven't understood completely your problem, but it's normal that the action cam at 4GB of file splits the video and continues it in one other file, GoPro does the same too with its action cameras. Editing the video you simply merge the files and creat one video. The camera stops recording only when the memory is full or the battery low. Hope I helped you and sorry for my bad English
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    Thanks for your reply but I dont see a merge option, how are you able to do this, please?
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    Use any video editing software to merge the files. It is a limitation set by the card hardware not TomTom