Can´t sync to Nike Run Club

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I have a spark 3 but i can´t upload my progress to Nike Run Club.
Both apps are linked and the permissions at both ends are ok, but i tested running on monday and it´s not showing as an activity at NRC.
Tried to reinstall the nike app, but the problem persists.

I´ve been using the nike+ app for years. All i want is to keep all my records at only one place. I do not feel like starting over.


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    Is Nike+ the same as Nike Run Club? It only uploads to Nike+ if they are not the same thing. You can always download a fit file from MySports and manually upload it to Run Club as a workaround.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Nike+ is now Nike+ Run Club
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    check the activities on Nike website, my are uploads without any problems.
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    It started syncing now.

    Just to register to help others:

    I revoked both permissions and reinstalled both apps. I think that made it work now.

    Before i could test, i tried finding a third app that was compatible with both tomtom sports and nike run club, so tomtom would upload to a third app and nike would export the information.

    The only app that i found that is compatible with both apps is Google Fit. I created an account and installed Google Fit and now the Nike Run Club shows my activities. I still think it´s working because i just revoked the permissions and reinstalled the app, but i´m not deleting Google Fit either way. I´m just happy the problem is solved.