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Incorrect Lane Guidance M6 Northbound J11-12.

ZefapanomZefapanom Posts: 9 [Master Traveler]
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You really need to change this ASAP.

On the Northbound M6 just after J11 there's a split in the road. The Inside and Middle lanes split off from the outside lane. Both routes take you to the exact same place but all TomTom devices (that I've used personally) try to route you into the outside lane.

For starters, driving a HGV in the outside lane of a motorway (with 3+ lanes) is illegal unless otherwise stated (like on the M621).

Secondly, and this is the problem, I regularly see both cars and trucks swerving across the motorway to get into the outside lane because the TomTom lane guidance is telling them to get into the outside lane.

There is a sign telling you that all lanes are for the M6 but expecting the average car driver to read road signs is a bit much to ask.It would be better if lane guidance for cars suggested any lane and guidance for trucks the Inside and Middle lanes. This way no one is going to swerve at the last minute. Seen far too many near misses here over the years.,-2.0658076,3a,75y,339.09h,76.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1nUlshsrWuD8O2l-zm1JpQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


  • Troggy53Troggy53 Posts: 50 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I was on a recent trip to Scotland in my motorhome using my Trucker 6000 on which there were many discrepancies and I forgot but this report has jogged my memory. I noticed it was trying to send me on to the outside lane which is really only for cars and light vehicles. I thought it was a glitch due to traffic but I have just planned a route on MyDrive app Route Planner (v1.12.0) setting the vehicle type as a very long, heavy HGV and the route line does go onto the 3rd lane that rejoins again as an oncoming slip lane to join lane 1 of the M6 Toll road.
    A little distance ahead the M6 Lanes 1&2 join again to form a new lane 1 of a 4 lane carriageway.
    As a large motorhome (and I think most HGV drivers) I would avoid lane 3 as all lanes finish up heading in the same direction. Should HGV stay in M6 Lane 1&2 then they join other traffic as the new lane 1. I think a much safer option than having lots of cars joining from the nearside and trying to get around them.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    These sound to me rather like routing issue on the devices/MyDrive rather than map quality matters. I'd recommend you to report them to Customer Service for further investigation.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • Troggy53Troggy53 Posts: 50 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi Zefapanom
    Just to let you know following Mikko's response I have submitted a question( attached) on this topic to Customer Services / Support.
    Bit wordy but I have tried to capture all the issues involved.
  • ZefapanomZefapanom Posts: 9 [Master Traveler]
    Nice one. You had a reply yet mate ?
  • Troggy53Troggy53 Posts: 50 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Yes email arrived yesterday afternoon.
    Just an acknowledgement and a job reference number for future correspondence.
    Hopefully I'll get some response before Christmas but I'm not banking on it.

    Keep you posted on here if any news.


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