Renault ERROr: Memory card not initialized

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I will try to ask a question in English ;)
The roadmap of our Renault seemed dated so I wanted to investigate if it is possible to buy an update of the roadmap.
I've put the memory card into our PC, I've installed TOMTOM HOME and followed the instructions but when I put the card into the car, the carsystem keeps running, running and all I see is a constantly repeated process of an hourglass, followed by a screen with TOMTOM. After half an hour the process is still running and don't seem to want to end.
When I put the card into our PC, the error "DesktopLib/Ext3/MemoryCardNotInitialized"
I contacted several times the customerservice; formatted several times the memory card and tried again and had finally bought a new card, but it doesn't help..... I still get the error.
The big problem is that the system (screeb) of our car is out of order and we cannnot select any options of the system; for example, we cannnot select a radiochannel.

I've spoken several times the TOMTOM customerservice but they couldn't help me and advised us to buy a new memorycard but that doesn't solve the problem :-(
What do I do wrong or who can help me??


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    From a Tomtom employee:

    In most cases SD card problems with Carminat and Mazda devices can be solved by removing the loopdir folder from the card and entering the card back to the device. It then gets re-initialised. There's an FAQ about this at

    The error message implies that the customer might be on a Linux computer and has formatted the card to Ext3. He should format it to FAT32.