Show BPM where heart icon

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Firmware developers from cardio/runner 2. It was great show BPM at the screen, when you are running, removing the heart icon on top of screen and showing BPM (little numbers).
In a look, a could watch BPM, rithm (min/km), distance and time. 4 parameters in one screen.
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    In my opinion, it would be far too small to be of any use. People already take issue with the size of the two smaller metrics at the bottom, having a three digit number at the top of the screen in the space of that tiny icon would be virtually unreadable, particularly while in an activity (it would be hard enough at rest). In any case, TomTom will not comment on planned or future updates publicly (here or elsewhere) so we will just have to wait and see.

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    Maybe when I will be older, I will think that are smaller metrics. ?
    Garmin show from 4 to 7 parameters at the same screen.
    In any case i'm still happy with mi TomTom cardio/music 2.