Setting location on maps on TomTom connect

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I have a Go 6000 with a 32 GB memory card and have all the maps on the memory card, except the one I use the most which is on the TomTom's internal memory as I assume that is quicker. It annoys med that every time I use my connect to update the 25+ Gb worth of map data It always tries to install them all on the internal memory, I have to individually install each map one at a time on the memory card. Would it not be a good idea to be able to set location of maps in connect's settings? or even better have new maps placed in the same location as the maps they are replacing?. Or have I missed some smart feature?


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    Probably not but do you need to try to install all the maps on your sd card at once? Seems if you (likely) have the Europe map on internal and (probably) USA_Can map on the sd card, then remaining map you have are likely smaller in size and would install faster. Also downloading maps when first released may encounter slowdowns due to worldwide demand on the servers by others trying to do the same thing. If you can wait a week or so............