TomTom Go Android lost - need to re-install without paying again - How?

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I purchased TomTom Go Android fro Google Play (UK & South West USA maps) earlier this year for my HTC One, and have recently had to fully re-install Android on the phone and as a result I've lost all my apps including TomTom Go - how do I reload TomTom Go (and the maps I purchased) to my phone without paying a 2nd time???


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    The app and the maps are free. Just go to Google Play store, download and install the app then use the app to choose and download the map(s) you want. The subscription for which you paid is for Unlimited Navigation, that is for using the app over 50 miles per month. In the app go to TomTom Services and log the app into the email address and password you used to pay for the Unlimited Navigation subscription and that should restore the subscription to your HTC One.