Golfer 2 - rounds not showing on app

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I have recently updated the MySports app for my Golfer 2 on my Samsung phone. I can now no longer see any of my previous rounds and just see a white screen. If I try to look at my stroke analysis I get the message " GETTING YOUR SCORE CARD HISTORY" with the circle going round and round but no update. I also cannot upload my recent round of golf from the watch to the app. This has all happened since the update of the Golfer 2 app and the addition of the download of the TomTom Sports app to my phone. I have rebooted my phone to no affect, the watch connects to the phone and is paired. Any Advice?


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    You are one of many having this problem, I have already done three factory resets but to no avail. I now just use the watch for distance for the last shot into the green.
    My problems also started from the last update