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Strokes and putts cannot be deleted

EdreedykEdreedyk Posts: 21 [Apprentice Traveler]
edited August 2018 in Golfer & Golfer 2

Since the last update which solves the collection of rounds via the cloud, i cannot delete or add any strokes or putts from/to the app.

For instance if a stroke was recorded but not deleted during the course , i want to do this afterwards.

I am able to delete a stroke but if i check the round again the strokes are not deleted anymore.
Same with adding strokes

Does anybody experience the same behaviour.

Regards Edwin


  • RoelHollandRoelHolland Posts: 25 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Same here. See my post (and its reply) at "Golfer App stops displaying rounds". Next to strokes and putts, I also cannot delete rounds.
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