Maps for GO 540

easyt Registered Users Posts: 1
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Am I right in thinking you cannot get maps for the tom tom go 540 any more ?


  • Niall
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    Think your device (if serial number starts with "WT") has been declared "End of Life" see
  • facildeencontrar
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    I have a TOM TOM G540
    It was working pefectly just before conecting it to the PC and installing tomtom home.
    Now, it does not let me use the UK and IRELAND MAP????
    I work in deliveries I use it every day!
    How can I make it work again please?

  • DougLap
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    Hi @facildeencontrar

    Let us see if @VikramK can sort your map out. Will not be until Monday now

  • VikramK
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    Hi facildeencontrar

    The map has been reactivated for your device.

    Just removed the existing map and download the fresh version offered for download.