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TomTom Rider 410 GPS Coordinates

GapadryGapadry Posts: 1
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How can I check the posision I am in GPS coordinates on my Tomtom Rider 410?


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,398
    Welcome to the site
    Tap on the four dot Icon (....) (Bottom left screen)
    Tap Search Icon
    Tap (Top right on screen) Tap Whole map Note…… On some units (I think) it says Installed Maps
    Scroll down
    Tap Latitude Longitude Icon

    97930bb0-a8e6-4d2b-9cba-a1279db1c7e9.pngWhen inputting coordinates using DMS format, you can't enter seconds as a decimal point : Example N 50° 31' 10.62'' W 4° 1' 55.95''
    But If you simply round up or down the second's entry in the example
    I.e... The North decimal point to 11" and the West decimal point to 56"
    It gives B3212 Sampford Spiney UK
    If you tap the offered Sampford Spiney UK
    The Map will open at the location
    Tap the blue "Drive Steering Wheel" icon to drive there
    Tap the 3Dot Icon and the Quick Menu will open with more options ie...
    "Add to MyPlaces"
    "Use as a starting Point"
    "Search Near Here"
    Note... If you already have a route planned and want to add a coordinate location to the route, the 3Dot Icon Quick Menu will have an extra option...
    "Add to Route"

    Example inputting coordinates using GPS format, for example, If you enter N 52 23.488 W 2 12.501 it's a field in Worcestershire UK
    In the text, the New GO range will display the coordinate location and underneath, offer the nearest road location as a destination, in this case, an (Unnamed location) Hurcott UK

    021fa32a-9e95-483a-a598-114e5cae63e8.jpg(1)... Tapping the Black Pendant Icon opens the "(Unnamed location) Hurcott UK" Tap the blue "Drive Steering Wheel" icon to drive there
    Tap the 3Dot Quick menu for more options... See the above "Sampford Spiney" example for more info

    (2)... Tapping the Globe coordinate Icon only zooms the map into the Globe Icon (Tapping the Globe Icon on the Map does nothing)... Pinch zoom the map down until the Black Pendant Icon is in view... Go to bullet point (1)...

    If you Tap the dual function Icon

    b43fc44f-e542-4cc9-a328-501fa5b421a9.jpgYou can toggle between a Map and List view or tap the Keyboard Icon to return to the Coordinates menu screen

    If you pinch-zoom the map screen, it will show the coordinate location on the Map

    The GO will give you the coordinate location and will show it on the map, but can only plan a route to the nearest road access point

  • [Gelöschter Benutzer][Gelöschter Benutzer] Posts: 5,321 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Gapadry wrote:
    How can I check the posision I am in GPS coordinates on my Tomtom Rider 410?
    See here:

  • PigannPigann Posts: 1
    Hi, I have followed every step to enter longitude and latitude,. the line goes blue, but I dont get any destination information. can you please help?
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