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Activity Tracking Stopped Working 8/1/2017

Mizcrys323Mizcrys323 Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
My daily activity tracking in My Sports stopped working sometime around August 1, 2017-- I just noted it today. Everything looks normal on my watch, but when I sync, the only info that went over were my workouts. Moreover, the app states only took 483 steps today, when my watch has the more accurate count (about 7, 000 steps). I retried the sync over Wi-Fi, and also connected my watch to my laptop, but the wrong info still came up in the app and on the webpage. Help!


  • Mizcrys323Mizcrys323 Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    UPDATE; Disregard. As soon as I posted this, another post with the same issue came up. I did a factory reset and it seems to be working now.
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