Speed camera's disappeared again

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Hello all,

I have had my tomtom for quite a while but this year every 2 years out of the blue the speed cameras do not show on roads nor any warning. This seem to be happening every 2 months ans is simply ridiculous.

I updated the software last time around and they worked for 2 months. They have gone again!!! Very frustrating.

I have TOMTOM start 25


  • afcone
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    I think I may have had this issue as well, with my GO 520, following downloading the new Europe map this week. Drove into London yesterday and a lot of cameras seemed missing on the A205 and also the average speed cameras on the A2 eastbound. I reported several of them through the device. It seems to me it was the map update that's done this...
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    Same for me. Updated Western Europe latest and all the UK speed camera and traffic lights warnings have gone. List of camera country locations shows UK is greyed out and tells me cannot be updated because UK map not installed. The Map IS installed and working but speed cameras have disappeared. Yet again TomTom annoys its customers.