Latest offers on map updates - confused?

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I use a Tomtom Go 50 which I originally purchased with UK and Ireland lifetime map updates.
I have just received two offers from Tomtom, the first one via email offering a map of the world for just under £20, and another offering maps for Europe for just under £50.
I'm actually a bit 'miffed' because the the week after I first bought my Satnav I also purchased one for a friend (costing the same as I paid) that included full lifetime map updates for Europe, whereas mine only had the UK on it. But that apart I cannot make out if the European maps referred to above actually include lifetime updates.
It is only now that both my wife and I are retired that we will actually have the opportunity to travel through Europe, so it is fairly important that we have suitable maps, but make no mistake I will not be a happy puppy if I cannot update the maps to full Europe coverage if it is going to cost an arm and a leg with an annual update costing us more money every year.


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    Hi archemedes,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I wasn't able to check your account details with the email address you used to login in the community. It's good to double check with our customer support and choose the best offer depending on the existing subscription you've on the device.

    You can click on the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them. The world map offer is for a single update which means 3 months MUS and has no affect on your current subscription, we currently don't sell Lifetime updates separately.

    Hope it helps!