Why the TomTom maps on the TomTom website are OUTDATED?

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I have noticed a serious problem in using TomTom on the official website. I do not understand why the maps on the site have not been updated. I think I will best illustrate with the pictures. Please follow the questions and the image with the appropriate number.

The 3 pictures (numbers 2,3,4) show the roads near the Greek city name Platamonas. Pistures number 1 from Belgrade, Serbia.

1) At the service "Map Share Reporter" I pointed out that it is necessary to mark the right direction in the streets in Belgrade. Unfortunately, the maps are old and can not be used in order for users to report map errors. My 3 updates are pending. However, luck is that the correct directions have been drawn in the 990 map version. Also, in the new edition, 995. I think this should be corrected on this site.
2) The highway near the Platamonas has not yet been marked on the site, "Map Share Reporter". In new map version 995, the highway near Platamonas is in the right place, picture 4. This means that users can unnecessarily indicate that there is an error in the map, but error does not exist.
3) Wrong routing from the city of Platamonas to Evzoni in the service on the site "Route Planner". It's the look of the map version 990. This means that we all, as users, are mistaken when we want to plan a route using TomTom official website.
4) Yesterday, I made the update Europe maps on my START 42 navy device. In new map version 995, the highway near Platamonas is in the right place, picture number 4.

As you can see, "Route planner" and "Map Share Reporter" can not be used. The official site must be has latest maps, even more recent than those offered to user !

If TomTom doesn't offer the latest maps in "Map Share Reporter" and "Route Planner", I am free to say that using these services on the TomTom website has no purpose. It's just an unnecessary waste of time. Why correct something that has long been done.


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