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Up till now I have used the "direct" method for updating content - downloading with the GPS connected all the time, and found it a real nuisance!

Today, I have started Automatic Downloading, which seems a better idea, but I have some questions (apologies if they are already answered - I didn't find any answers).

1. I can see by mouse-overing the MyDriveConnect icon, that downloading is in process, but can I see how much has been downloaded or how long still to wait?
2. Can I see easily when all downloading is completed OK? (direct downloading has been 6-18 hours!)
3. Is there any way of checking for errors in downloading (MD5 or other) & is it necessary?
4. How do I go about updating the GPS once downloading is finished? Open MyDriveConnect? Connect GPS?....
5. Is it still advised to only update one item at a time with this method?

Thanks for any help!


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    For questions 4: Yep, open MDC and connect the device.

    5: I would do it one at a time.
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    Hi 2CV67,

    There indeed isn't much information available about the downloads being done in the background. The idea is that MyDrive Connect will download the available updates as they become available - and based on your settings - and download them without disturbing you. We just released a new map and depending on your map subscriptions downloading updates for your maps can indeed take quite some time. All other updates are small. Of course it depends on your other internet usage at the same time as well.

    MyDrive Connect checks the downloads for integrity and you can connect your device on your computer any time to install the updates you'd like at that point. The already downloaded updates you've selected will be installed immediately. Others will be downloaded first.

    Please, post back here if you have any further questions :D

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Sorry to say I didn't get this to work last year & have been using the "direct" method (connecting GPS first) again since then.
    Now I have another PC (W10) & would like to try again at automatic downloading.

    I have updated MyDrive Connect to the latest version ( & when I open MDC it shows me 4 potential updates including map v10.15.
    I didn't connect the GPS yet as I don't want to risk wiping the existing maps before downloading new ones.

    I have found Settings & set for automatic downloads between 01:00 & 23:00.

    But nothing seems to be happening.

    If I mouse-over the MDC icon in the system tray it says no updates available.

    Thanks for any more suggestions!
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    Check with support:

    :flag_fr: France
    01 57 32 40 67
    du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30
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    Well - I called support & was told I had to connect the GPS & leave it connected for anything to happen.
    When I said I thought I should be able to download the updates without the GPS, then connect it just to transfer maps etc from PC to GPS, I was told that was not possible.
    Have I just not understood what "Automatic downloading" means??

    I did connect the GPS & downloaded & installed one minor update (not main map) then disconnected the GPS.
    At the moment, if I mouse-over the MDC icon in the system tray it says it is downloading updates...
    I plan to leave it doing that overnight.

    Is it really downloading all available updates, as I expect, or is that impossible, as support seems to be telling me?

    I wish there was a simple explanation of this somewhere!

    Thanks again for your help!
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    I'm back in the same situation again - new map v10.30 available, but not downloaded to the PC.
    How can I get the map to download to the PC (maybe in several stages as I don't use Windows as my main OS, so just switch to it in idle moments) and then decide for myself when to transfer the map to the GPS (not immediately before an important trip in case of problems)?