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does the spark take in consideration the HR when calculates the daily calories? My daily calories count is way lower than used to be when I had the fit bit blaze. I wonder which one is more correct. I am male, 1.77m tall, weigh 74kg, use standing desk at work. HR at rest is between 60-65. Blaze used to count around 2.2k, spark around 1.7k. Which one is more likely to be right?


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    No it does not. The watch computes a BMR based on your gender, height, weight, etc. and takes this along with steps and sports activities to come up with calories burned. So it is taking the base calories from being alive (breathing, digesting, etc.) adding the calories burned during sports activities and then adding calories to reflect active time (including steps). Steps are going to include steps taken during the sports activities so they might not add anything as the associated calories have already been accounted for. This is exactly what it and all other activity trackers are designed to do. In my experience it is generally pretty accurate (or as accurate as BMR based calculations can be as they are based on averages).

    As to which is right, that will depend a lot on metabolism, physiology, activity levels and a lot of other factors. I can tell you that I am a similar height and weight and my daily caloric burn at rest is around 1,800 calories, which is closer to the TT than the FitBit. There are plenty of online calculators that will calculate BMR for you to give you an idea of a base number.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.