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manual ttbin upload?

spongy bobspongy bob Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]

Linux user. Ran with spark3, upload via bluetooth failed. Recovered the ttbin file from my phone, ttbin file seems alright, I was able to convert it into .gpx via ttwatch ( The .gpx can be uploaded to Strava and is correct for my run.

I suspect the run recording is gone from the watch, nothing is uploaded when connecting the watch to my Windows VM and starting Tomtom Mysports.

How can I upload the ttbin? I've tried to put the ttbin in my c:\users\-tomtom directory-\-watch serial-\, nothing happens. I've tried to right-click the ttbin file and open with Tomtom, nothing happens.

The Spongy Bob


  • kent davieskent davies Posts: 91 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Try this:

    1. Exit TomTom Sports Connect.
    2. Place the ttbin files in c:\users\-tomtom directory-\-watch serial-\
    3. Restart TomTom Sports Connect and connect your watch
    4. Go the Settings page (click the gear icon on the top right) and press the 'Try again' button to re-upload the files.
  • spongy bobspongy bob Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thanks for your response. There is no "try again" button in the settings page when I follow your suggestion.
  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,729
    It may not work with Linux.
  • spongy bobspongy bob Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    it's a Windows VM, so it's Windows
  • spongy bobspongy bob Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hey Kent Davies, turns out your solution worked actually :) Either I was blind the first time I did it and couldn't see the "try again" button, or I had done something wrong and the button wasn't there. Anyway, it worked like a charm just now. Thanks!

    I still wish there was a more straightforward way to upload ttbin files just like you can import gpx files with strava, for example.
  • maristammaristam Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I transferred the file from my phone, put it in the correct directory, restarted the software on my mac and connected my watch, but there is no "Try again" button in my TomTom Sports Connect software. I guess this option has been taken away in the recent updates?
  • hmn712hmn712 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    I also want to upload a ttbin file to MySports, but have a Mac. The file is already in my Tom user folder. Any thoughts?
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