Which truck nav to buy?

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Hi, I'm a truck driver and would like to know which sat nav would be better for me, I do not have a computer or laptop to connect it to for updates or whatever so any suggestions and info would be much appreciated. Thanks


  • Niall
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    If you look here https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/truck-sat-nav/products/index.html
    This list TomTom's current truck devices, as long as you have access to WiFi you could select either the
    • GO PROFESSIONAL 520/620
    depending on the depth of your pockect and how many of the limited bells and whistles you need (click on "Learn more" for each device in the link above)
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    I have a 5100, so it might be different from the models suggested by Niall. The main problem I have with the 5100 is that the map updates take about 10 hours to complete. Someone might be able to chime in with experience from the models above. I wish I'd never bought mine.
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    Thanks for the info guys, I'm looking to get either the GO PRO 6200 or 6250, both suit my needs.
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