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Here are some tips to help you create content that is easy for others to find and use. As this is about user content you're free to create it in your own way. These are just some suggestions.

[h2]Let's do it together! [/h2]
When you have an idea for a Knowledge Base article, please first check if there's already an article about it. If that's the case, post your suggestion to the topic to discuss with the author about including your input in the article. If there's no earlier article about the same or similar topic yet, feel free to start a new one. Also if another author is not responsive to your suggestion, you can start your own and possibly link to other relevant articles for more information.

[h2]Making successful articles[/h2]
The basic criteria for a successful Knowledge Base article are that it addresses a specific subject matter, is easy to follow and understand and is easy to find. Here are some tips to help you create an article that achieves this.

A good title can help with all the above-mentioned three criteria. A clear description of the subject matter in the title helps others find a relevant article and summarises the content. Using keywords such as product name and something describing the matter helps others find the article by online or forum search.

Tags can also help others find your article. You can add all the applicable products and other keywords to help your article show up in searches.

[h3]Content [/h3]
Describe scenario(s) in the beginning followed by the advice on how to sort it out. In case of a troubleshooting article, you could consider the best order to proceed with the steps, e.g. from simpler to more complicated. Structuring your article with headings can also give it a better overview and help others follow it. Click the question mark below the text field to see options for editing your article.

Images and videos are also helpful in making your article easier to follow and more appealing. For adding images, please see here. Videos can be added using the button below the text field or by pasting the link. By bracketing the link with
you can display the video in your article without the viewer having to leave the page.

Have fun creating awesome content for the Community!

Cheers, Mikko
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