Instant pace on Runner 3

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I recently bought a TomTom Runner 3 and have been so dissatisfied with the instant pace that I returned the watch. I understand that the instant pace might be off sometimes, but on average in my opinion it should be correct, however, this is clearly not the case. When is TomTom going to do something about this?


  • kent davies
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    If you search this forum, the instant pace has been flagged has inaccurate for a long time now (many threads talk about this).
    Unfortunately, TomTom never commented about this and it seems that there are no new updates on this matter.
    From what it seems, instant pace has a huge battery impact so a compromise between instance pace and battery life had to be done.
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    I have the same problem i reported it on this forum. The first and most important function is the ability to see the instant pace when running. This applies for long runs as well as for short intervals. If up to now TT has not been able to deliver just this, it will make their leisure department not just a loss making department but also one without value. I do not understand it. Legally speaking they are not different from VW and their emission statements. Commercially speaking who wants to buy a division that does not deliver the basic element.
    It is like you have a wrist watch that has a chrono has a timetable that shows the time in NY tells us when it is full moon, but you can not see what time it is.
    For consumers, i think that the only solution is the one you made.
    May i ask which watch would you recommend ?