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TOMTOM Smart media system corrupt

RumbalowRumbalow Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
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I have a couple of issues:

1. The app reports my memory card has become corrupted and recommended I try and restore from backup which I did. Unfortunately the app reports my card is still corrupt. I tried to get to Support but I was brought to this page.

2. Before the card became corrupt the app indicated my map updates had expired. When I purchased my Smart car it came with three years of updates so I do not understand why maps and safety camera updates are not being applied.


  • ACBestACBest Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I'm in the exact same position as you - I'll be following this one with interest.
  • RumbalowRumbalow Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have found a partial solution to the corrupt SD card problem. Although restoring from backup didn't work putting the SD card back into the car started a system update and repaired the card somehow.

    I still don't seem to have my three year subscription to maps though.
  • NigelB1706NigelB1706 Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    I had the exactly the same issue. I have logged a call with support, but just noticed that there is an update.
    A few days ago it updated to v2295 (i think) without any choice even though v3089 worked for me.
    I have just received the newest version v4.1.6.3253 seems to be working perfectly again.
    It is connecting and updating now.
    Definitely make sure you go from v3089 to 3253 ! No currupt SD card :-)
  • NigelB1706NigelB1706 Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    Sorry, was v3229 which does not work. 3253 is working on 2 of my laptops now :-)
    Been a real few days of pain, but thankfully working now.
  • RumbalowRumbalow Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have received a reply from support regarding map and safety camera upgrades.

    "Further, I will like to inform you that your TomTom Smart Media-System comes with 3 years LIVE services however this is a subscription specific to the LIVE Services and you will be unable to update the speed cameras and maps under this subscription."

    Apparently what comes with Smart car is a 3 year subscription to Live Services and not map or safety camera updates which isn't the best news.
  • m25manm25man Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Is there any preparation of the card needed?
    My SD Card appears to have become unreadable by the Sat Nav.
    I recent had a message in MyDrive Connect telling me there was a new update available, so I installed in on the PC.

    After this it also told me there were new Map updates available.
    Now knowing this can take a while I downloaded all of the updates and updated the SD Card.

    After several hours I returned to the MyDrive Connect App to find it and the laptop completely frozen.

    Nothing would in-freeze it. A hard power off was the only option.

    On a restart the MyDrive connect reports Device not Connected.
    So I checked the SD Card.
    The format is of course proprietary so I check it using one of the many disk tools, partition recovery programs and low and behold there is my TomTom file system with a data volume and 5 TomTom files on it.
    These files correspond to those stored in the Home3\Backup folder on the PC.

    The issue however would appear to be that there is insufficient space available on this proprietary volume to complete an update as the free space showed only 48 bytes free!

    Now knowing everything was absolutely fine until MyDrive Connect decided to perform a MAP Update I'm pretty annoyed and absolutely certain that its a TomTom issue not a Mercedes one.

    Mercedes are clueless. I have booked the car in to be looked at but on speaking to the garage I might as well have been speaking Swedish with a twist of Urdu!

    Also since updating and re-installing MyDrive Connect ( I don't have a backup/restore option anymore?

    TomTom support sent me a nice email with lots of instructions on how to re-download my maps but so far nothing seems to re-initialise the SD card!

    Any tips on how to get it reformatted back to factory?
  • m25manm25man Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Unfortunately I found no resolution to my problem through TomTom or Mercedes/Smart.
    However working for a IT solutions provider and having access to some highly intelligent people and a second working Smart for Two and SD card we worked out the following.

    My specific issue arose after a chain of events.

    The MyDrive connect software (PC) alerted me that an update was required.
    This was done, then it advised me that a Map update was available.

    Now here is where it got interesting.
    Last year I was told that I needed to "Buy" a map update subscription!
    Despite the Smart having 3 Years of TomTom Live - I am given to understand via Smart Feedback this does not include Map Updates...

    So the Map Updates I downloaded are not the Smart included ones.

    Using Partition Recovery Software and another Smar Car we compared the SD Cards byte for byte.

    The TomTom volume contains 4 files, effectively a split zip file.
    The Smart Media System mounts these files as a VFS on Start Up.
    It also checks the validity of the Card to the vehicle so you can't use another vehicles SD card. (Ok I can accept that).

    When MyDrive Connect updated the Maps on my SD card it hung, never completed.
    On removing the card and retrying the update the same happened.
    Moving the card to the vehicle it reported System Update in progress.
    On completion it restarted "No maps found"

    Several support responses later over 2 weeks proved fruitless.
    A call to the dealer was likewise.
    It will need a new SD Card £150 not a warranty item.

    So, on close inspection of the cards we found the faulty unit to be reporting 7.9Gb in size where the working vehicle reported 8.1Gb in size.

    Instructions came back from TomTom to Format the Card to FAT32.
    This killed the SD Card completely as a TomTom device.
    It was detected by Windows and would quite happily store files and music but MyDrive Connect couldn't see it or use it.

    So with nothing to loose we cloned the good working SD card using D2D on a Mac.
    Of course it failed as the device was locked to another vehicle.
    But now it was at least detected and recognised by both the PC and Vehicles as a TomTom!

    Another attempt to update the 7.9Gb card failed in exactly the same as the first time!
    Hung.. No maps found.

    So, we got a 16Gb SD Type 10 Card
    Cloned the working 8.1Gb card to this.
    Yes, it worked. But was only valid in the correct vehicle. (As expected).

    Having followed TomTom instructions to the letter I had already deleted any local installation so all my TomTom backups were deleted.
    Except, we are an IT company so I had a backup of my laptop in the cloud!
    We pulled down the backup copies of the 4 Files that were on my PC immediately before the disastrous TomTom update.

    We replaced the files on the now 16Gb Cloned SD and installed it to the vehicle.

    Well, it was detected.
    It took around 20 mins and included the flash of something called a con-coprocessor?
    After this the unit came online, mounted the 16Gb SD card and everything works!

    So, what do I conclude from this.
    1. The last update from TomTom broke my Sat NAV.
    2. TomTom helpdesk have no idea how this stuff works.
    3. Smart/Mercedes won't help you.
    4. You have 3 Yrs TomTom live but only 3 Map updates before you need to pay.
    5. Latest updates won't fit on an SD Card reporting less than 8Gb free space.
    6. Yes, you can clone a TomTom SD card.
    7. A card from another Smart won't work, so no EBay ones!

    Smart probably saved themselves a few euros per unit by shoehorning the OS and maps on to a cheap 8Gb card when they should have used a 16Gb in the first place.
    The latest Map update is marginally larger than previous versions and if like me your short of SD space through adding a few POI's or voices there's a good chance you will end up reading this post.

    Good Luck.

    My next Smart will be one without a TomTom as standard.
  • gsw16gsw16 Posts: 12 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I hit the same no space for maps issue and even though I could choose a smaller part of Europe map, the media system wouldn't recognise it. I managed to use R-Link explorer to create a new TomTom SD card on a blank 16gb card, copied the tomtom files from my old card to that and after a bit of to and froing between the Smart Media Connect software and the Smart media system, I've now got plenty of space and the latest full Europe map on. Consumer friendly the update process is most certainly not.

    Anyone hitting the same problem, the system is basically a re branded Renault R-Link 1, used in the Zoe and Clio so the instructions here and the software here did the trick.
  • sveta408sveta408 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    what if i format the sd card but forgot to backup the files
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