TomTom Runner 3 -Error Message 'Oops. Some activities haven't been uploaded, Tap here to try again'

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I have been getting this error message when trying to upload activities from my TomTom Runner 3 onto my iPhone app. I searched the forums, and have been able to download the ttbin. files. Now I can see these recent workouts when I log in online. However, these recent activities do not show on my iPhone app - and I am still getting the error messages when I try to upload new activities. Whilst I can still find the ttbin files and upload my activities to my account online, I can't get the iPhone app to work correctly.

Any advice?

David Bunker


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    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If you can sync by computer and the activities appear on the website, it sounds like the app is having trouble communicating with the TT servers. The steps are: uninstall the app, remove or forget the watch from the phone's BT menu, reinstall the app, select Pair New on the app, select Pair New on watch (press down from the clock and select Phone>Pair New, not Sync) and follow the prompts on the phone. You should not be pairing the watch first through the phone's BT menu; it is all done through the app and you must have the phone forget the watch in the BT menu before re-pairing.

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