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No Scorecards loaded into my Golfer App

PappyFrancePappyFrance Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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My Golf 2 synchonizes with the Golfer App but no analysis is possible because "you don't hhave any scorecards yet". In reality i have multiple rounds played and stored on my watch. Very frustrating to not be able to just plug and play and synchronize, nor find an explantion.


  • PappyFrancePappyFrance Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I guess this is not the place to get technical support. Disapointed that I cannot use all the features that are supposed to be available.
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,213
    Community Manager
    Is this on Android? There is an update to the Android app that fixes an issue with the app not showing rounds. Can you try that?
  • MarttiPMarttiP Posts: 28 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    We have two Golfer 2 watches and Android phones, purchased about a month ago. My watch and phone lost sync earlier ,had to reset watch and all previous rounds were lost, great. Now, the other watch, without a reason, stopped syncing rounds to phone, also app shows no rounds. Both software are up-to-date. Uninstalling/installing app did not help. Watch has the rounds played after prev. sync in memory and we'd like to have them uploaded, no way to get them.. Tomtom, your implementation of syncing data between watch and app is awful (cannot make backups/restores, no save to readable format etc.) and vit is ery vulnerable to break (just stops working, period. No error message, no nothing). Are you going to fix this and when?
  • MarttiPMarttiP Posts: 28 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Update, rounds folder in phone contained round data, though app shows nothing. I made a backup and cleared the folder (looks like the app uninstall leaves the folder intact), reinstalled the app -> sync with watch -> no rounds loaded from watch. The only difference is that the app says that "you have no score cards". So this did not help at all. Sounds like the watch thinks that i has uploaded the round to app and will not upload the again. Or the app is brain dead. Or does Tomtom have any intelligent explanation to this behaviour?
  • Jimmy_smJimmy_sm Posts: 10 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I'm not sure I'm on the good discussion, so excuse me.
    I have a real problem with my Golfer 1.
    Suddenly, I couldn't access to the score card and the watch ask me to create a score card.
    I do a factory reset and after the problem is the same.
    Do someone have an idea or a solution ?
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