Suggestion - Pause reminder (I've lost another session due to forgetting to un-pause!)

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Suggested enhancement for Spark watches - When an activity is pauses, could the watch be made to vibrate once a minute? This would remind you that you had paused activity. I sure many users will empathise with that gut dropping feeling of excitedly checking your watch after a great sprint or ride, only to see your watch is still on pause! :) I have lost huge sections of training logs due to my foolish inattention and want technology to make up for my shortcomings.
I think a minute is about right. A pause longer than 5 minutes is probably a new activity.
Yes, I know you now insert auto-pauses in activities and I think that is an excellent addition. Sometimes I use pause to check my recovery rate when I stop for a sandwich but the recovery feature doesn't seem to always work. Not sure why.


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    Hi Nicky,

    Welcome to the Community and sorry for my late reply here!

    A while ago we introduced the automatic pause detection in the Sports app and website to help you in these situations. Please, see the FAQ below for more information. This will shortly be available also on the watches :D

    Automatic pause detection in the Sports app and on the Sports website

    Cheers, Mikko