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It would be nice if the Spark 3 cardio in the future could get the following functions:

- The ability to show heart rate at the front screen all the time
- Be able to select and track a walk - instead of freestyle
- customize the front screen - eg. Chose an analog clock
- Of course the long awaited smartphone notifications!!!
- A more detailed sleep analysis - REM sleep tracking
- Make the spark buzz when you need to go left or right using the route function.


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    You can't see HR all the time because it is not reading it all the time. in 24/7 tracking it takes a reading once every 10 minutes. If it was on constantly you would need to recharge the watch every 8 hours. All the rest have been asked and answered in numerous posts like this if you search the forums. Essentially it comes down to user demand and cost to implement and many items simply do not have enough user demand to make it worth spending the money, they will get no return on investment as any changes need to drive future purchases. It also comes down to them trying to keep this a very simply, streamlined product, with a minimum of customizations (why there is only one clock screen). I read on here somewhere that the smartphone notifications are still being implemented, so that will be very welcome when (or if) it arrives.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Hello tfarabaugh

    Thank you for your comments - but:
    - The Fitbit Blaze shows the heartrate all the time and needs to be charged every fifth day.
    - I believe that tomtom needs to keep improving their existing products in order to keep up with Garmin and Polar. If they don't - I personally will look for another brand the next time. Their investment in existing products will cause me and other customers to recommend tomtom.
    - And the fact that they need two years to get smartphone notifications to work is not a good sign.