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Biggest mistakes of TT analysts developing the NAV4 devices

NiallNiall Posts: 10,570 Superuser
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After watching this forum for a few years since the introduction of the "new" NAV4 devices there seem to be several holes in the analysis by the development team
  1. Mapshare changes having to wait for TT to agree the change, now at least 6 months, where as it was instantaneous on your own device.
  2. Lack of personalisation of POIs, though in the last couple of months at least they are now able to be imported, but with a prescribed symbol with no personalised sound or warning distance :(
  3. Throughout the whole gamut of user interface there is now restricted personalisation:-
  4. Restricted sounds
  5. No change in warning distance
  6. No splash screens
  7. No personalised colour schemes
  8. etc.
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  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
    Was the question for us to supply our own list?

    If so, my addition is: I really don't understand why they changed things like showing distances as fractions (instead of tenths) and not showing the next turn/road name until you are just a short distance away. It's perplexing because these aren't features they removed but instead it looks like TomTom went out of the way to screw them up!
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,976 Superusers
    I would have thought the average user was more.....

    Like most of my friends who have a bog standard, PND sat in the glove box, and rarely use them
    Use the device out of the box and never change a setting
    Rarely or if ever Register or Update their device (More so in the past, before Maps and Live services were free)
    Use their device a few times per year for Long journeys/Holidays

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