Corrupted activity uploads and losing GPS data

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I'm a TomTom user for two years now, my runner cardio watch has been great but I've had the following frustrating scenario occur twice on two different occasions when uploading a run to the MySports database through the mobile app on my iPhone 6. I browsed the forums here and noticed others with similar issue;

1. I'll complete a run and start the sync from the app using the bluetooth connection from my phone to the watch.
2. The progress bar goes about 40-50% of the way through and then will display a connection/upload error message in the app.
3. I try again a couple times but it keeps failing.

This has only happened twice in 300+ runs over the past two years so it's a very rare situation, but both times I completely lost the GPS data for my runs. The activity does not appear in nor are there any files under the File Sharing folder for the Sports app when I connect my phone to iTunes. It's as if the GPS data is just completely vanished, could be a bug or timing issue of some sort when the phone and watch temporarily lose bluetooth connection or something. This has only happened while uploading using my phone and the bluetooth connection with the watch. One thing that I feel could safeguard against this in a future update is if TomTom stored at least the previous activity GPS data on the watch somehow even after it has been uploaded to the MySports database. That way in some unlikely event that I need to recover data from a failed upload I have at least the previous GPS data still there. I thought this was already done as I could view the run history, but through research I discovered the run history just shows 6 data points and doesn't save the GPS data for any previous activity after an upload attempt to MySports.

Not sure what the storage limitations are, but even my longest runs (20 milers) are in the 600-700kb range in terms of .ttbin data size. If this could somehow be archived for at least one activity and remain in a recoverable state on the watch that would be amazing to see in a future update. Otherwise I am going to stick to uploading to MySports strictly through my PC from now on!


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    This happened to me yesterday. With me it's a few times per year.

    The cause in my instances is that I'll start the upload then put down my phone but keep the watch on my wrist and wander off. When I leave BlueTooth range the communication is broken and the transmission becomes corrupted. Sometimes the watch is able to deal with this but sometimes not. The preferred approach is to put down my phone, remove my watch, and put the watch next to the phone. But post-run I'm not always thinking clearly.

    The real problem comes when the watch thinks it's successfully transmitted the data and as part of routine clean-up deletes the file. Why? I don't know. It seems there should be plenty of memory to handle two activities, so why not keep a few files and only delete as needed? I'd love to see if TomTom is able to comment.

    In the age of Strava addiction is is frustrating when you do a hard run and that data is lost for eternity. That hard effort I put in to PR the Panhandle Sprint? Gone, never to appear on my segment history. It's very frustrating, enough for me to seek out another option next time I'm in the market for a GPS watch.

    As an aside, my battery has fatigued to the point where I get 5hr20min life from starting an activity immediately after unplugging my phone. This is extremely marginal for a 50 km trail race (for my pace).
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    I'm having the exact same issue - just started - lost my past two runs! Anyone know how to fix? Buy another brand of watch?
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    Yup, Basically my most important run of the year. Can see it in the latest activities on the watch but the .ttbin file is apparently corrupted.... doesn't appear on itunes .... gone ... nada.... guess i'll take a photo of the watch screen.