TomTom Go Traffic updates not working Android version 7.0

Runhater Registered Users Posts: 6
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My Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) has just upgraded to version 7.0 and I'm no longer getting traffic alerts on 4G. I have an old phone which is still on version 5.0.1 on which it works fine - is there a problem with this version?


  • digital3540
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    I have s7 running android 7 with no problems
  • sergebiro
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    Having issues connecting to Live Services as well. Android 7.1.1 on OnePlus 3. Sometimes it manages to connect right away, then again it can take 5 minutes or even more. It's a very random problem. Cloud service always works.
  • jgmoreno75
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    TomTom don't have any solution for this problem since v1.12.
  • ECM
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    So this is a Tomtom error???