New owner of a Runner 2 - Some questions

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Hi all,

I've recently acquired a Runner 2 with HR and Music. I have a couple of questions, apologies if they've been asked before:
1. Is it possible to seek in an mp3? I like to listen to podcasts when I run, some up to 90 minutes per mp3 file. I usually don't finish listening to the file in a single run. I haven't found a way to resume playing from where I left off, or to even seek through the file, my only options is to start it from the beginning each time.
2. Each time I sync with my phone, it updates quickGPS, even if it updated 20 minutes ago, is that supposed to happen?

Thanks in advance!


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    1 long press the fw button will enable you to seek the content. I think that the resume function you need is not implemented.
    2 yes