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Update of 610 Go device ended up erasing all maps

SulinSulin Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
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I have a GO 610 bought in June 2016. I an SD card of 32 GB. I have installed SE Asia and Europe maps and have been using it in UK last year. To-day, I update the Mydrive Connect on my PC and then connect my device to update the maps. I have a lifetime free update of Worldwide maps. After more than 2 hours of update, it ended up in failure and all my maps on device were gone. I tried updating another time - same thing happen. I did not dare touch the connection leaving it to finish by itself.

I tried a third time, this time selecting Europe map alone and updating to my SD card. After more than 1 hour, again it failed. The error message on PC is " Sorry, some items weren't updated. Go back to content page and try again"

On the device error message reads " Update failed. Please try again. If the update fails agan, contact custmer support ....."

Can anyone help? I am getting desperate as I cannot do without a map in UK. I will be driving around and will be there for 2 months!



  • dhndhn Posts: 33,344
    Try clearing the cache in the downloads tab of Settings for MyDriveConnect.

    http://us.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16695/kw/no maps found

    If no success, support:

    1800 622 7266
    Monday-Friday: 07:00-14:30
  • SulinSulin Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    This morning, I called the 1800 622 7266 support staff and He assured me that he will help me get this going. He said the problem is with a failed update, so he did something on back end and told me to disconnect and on PC remove some HOME3 App data system file. I then launch the MyDrive Connect application, reconnect the device and try again. It took more than 1 hour to update to completion. This time, it shows the system to be up to date. According to xxxxx, this removes all the maps cleanly. I am then to proceed with download the Europe Map. I did as advised. However, halfway through the update, it appear to be stuck again and not moving. I took photos of screen for both PC and device. After almost 2 hours, I tried calling the numbers 1300 135 604 for Australia or 0800 450 973 for New Zealand. It was still within the time of working. As to be expected, the numbers DO NOT work from Singapore!

    I eventually replied to his email asking him to call me back. He did. I told him the problem. He said the problem is due to my internet connection and that I should try a different internet connection. As I don't have another internet connection, he will not offer any other solution.

    I have been using this home internet for a long time and have no problem with updates of any other system. I have already stop the antivirus software when I run the update. He said the system is not updating - but on my screen it shows it is.

    I ask that he authorized a refund or repair of the product but he said no.

    So that's it - the lifetime update of worldwide map is not working. It will erase all your maps and you cannot get any more download! I have tried this multiple times, but each time, after running for more than 2 hours, it still shows no map updated.

    I am now unable to this device without a map! This device is still under a 2-year warranty from 26 May 2016. I bought this from Challenger.

    Anyone out there contemplating buying a Tom Tom - think hard. Support is non-existent in Singapore, you speak to an overseas support personnel, product is unstable, their system servers are often showing busy message when you log on, but they will blame your system and wash their hands off! Thanks TOM TOM for your unprofessionalism.

    I am considering legal action against your company for misrepresentation.
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,344
    Let me direct your concerns to a contact here.
  • SulinSulin Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Yes, please do. I have logged the problem. Reference Number: 17xxxxxx-xxxxxx. The support staff is is no help at all!

    My travel date is this Friday, 4th August. I will be in UK for 2 months. I have hired a car, but it does not have a GPS system.

    If you get someone to email me or call me on my home line. xxxx has my home line. My device is registered S/N QW xxFxxxxx(o).

    I have tried everything - from web, xxxx step by step, reset system etc. It just would NOT update the map to conclusion.

    I was able to download the Europe map when I bought the device in May 2016. This update erases everything and now I cannot load a single map into the system!

    I noticed many other users have reported the same issue. Tom Tom must know about this.

    Refer link here https://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/tomtom.html

    I called Challenger - the retail store that I bought this device from. They said they do not support Tom Tom and they cannot provide any refund. This is really great - the manufacturer cannot help, the distributor cannot help, no one owns the problem.

    I now end up with a useless device that cannot work!

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  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,624 Moderator
    Hi Sulin

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Your case has been handed over to a supervisor and I have also sent them a heads up about this. They should get back to you for further assistance.

  • SulinSulin Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    After many unsucceeful attempts to install an European map on my device, I finally gave up and just left the Mydrive application active in the task bar of my PC without the device attached. I then noticed that it was continueing to update itself, with the icon circling itself. I dont understand why it was the case as I had already updated MyDrive to latest version BEFORE I tried to update my device. Anyway, I decided to leave it running overnight in my PC.

    Next morning, I checked and it seemed to finish updating itself. I then attached the device and sign in to My Drive connect. The device established connection with MyDrive Connect in my PC. One update the European map was ready for update. It was selected and it ran for about 2 hours. Eventually it was successfully concluded! I have now got the European map installed on my device.

    With the device still connected, I then choose the S E Asia map to install on my device. It ran for more than 1 hour. It again concluded successfully. Now I have got both maps restored to current versions!

    So the only thing I did differently this time was to let the MyDrive application to run in the task bar to update itself. It must have been downloading the European Map that I have been trying to update into my device. This time, it must be updating my PC first without the device attached.

    When it finished updating, I then connect the device - it detect itself and updated the device succcessfully.

    No thanks to TOM TOM for not teaching your Asian support staff to advice Users to try this option. The useless staff I spoke (initial Txxxxr) who abandoned helping me when I refuse to bring my PC and device to try alternative internet access should be sacked! He suggested I using public WI FI claiming there is problem with my home internet! What a stupid suggestion!

    I managed to update successfully using the same home internet access that I have been using all these years. All my applications in my PCs are updated regularly to ensure they are up to date - except for those applications like MyDrive which I only need to update before my travels.

    Either the back end support staff realized that smething is wrong and did some changes to the back end servers ....I will never know. I just know that I will NEVER buy another TOM TOM product with the incompetent and irresponsible support staff in this Asian region. I understand we are supported out of Australia and New Zealand although I suspect the helpdesk came out of India. The accent of the helpdesk staff who started off by giving false assurances that he will guide me to successful installation and then absolved himself with excuses is unmistakably of south Asian origin.

    Once cheated, twice shy. Never again!

  • SulinSulin Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    And I am going to make sure none of my friends or relatives consider buying any Tom Tom product. If you dont give a damn about supporting Customers, your company will soon by history!
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