GPS lock lost - Workaround?

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A while back I reported that all versions above 1.12 seem to have problems when the the car isn't driving. When I stop (traffic light) the map starts to spin, TT recalculates the rout and has no idea where it is.

I made 2 changes that possibly 'solved' the problems. I think it would be good if those having the same problems try this workaround and report their findings here. Hopefully that feedback help TT to fix this long standing bug.

I have good phone. Nothing high-end. I'm quite sure the speed of my phone isn't causing the spinning problem but still it could point to a bug in the TT software.

This is an android setting. I think it makes no difference but I mention it anyway.
In Andoid 7 there are 3 levels of location.
High Accuracy = GPS + WiFi + Bluetooth + Cellular
Battery saving = As above without GPS
Device only = GPS

My reasoning for using GPS only was that many location signals may actually confuse TT. When not driving the chances of trying to use WiFi is much higher than when driving.

That said, I don't think this is causing the problem because it's a very well tested Android service and I never had location fixing errors with any other app requiring a location.


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    Hi cruiZer,

    Thanks for sharing your findings!

    Could you also state the model of your phone and exact version of Android running on it, please?

    Thanks, Mikko
  • cruiZer
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    Wileyfox Swift (not version 2)

    Currently running Android 7.1.1 with security patches dated May 1, 2017

    Before that I was running Cynogen -> Android 6.x

    My other phone is a Nexus. Not sure what number that is. I think Nexus 2. Google + Samsung
    On that phone is Android 4.

    All phones are running official software from the manufacturer. Not rooted

    The spinning happens on both phones but I haven't tested the possible 'fix' on the Nexus.