Create story on galaxy S7 while connected to bandit

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Spent a very frustrating evening trying to get round the fact that once I've created a story on the bandit app, the only option is to share not save. However, none of the share options work because you have to be connected to the bandit via WiFi. I tried looking at trying to send it as an email then save it as a draft but it doesn't work. Very frustrating, I can see the video I've created in the viewer, I just can't save it!


  • Nickbusst
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    How do I just save the video so I can disconnect from the bandit and then share it?!
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    Hi Nickbusst,

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    Once you create your video story, select the Share button. Your video story is then transferred to your phone's video gallery. From the Gallery, you can upload your video story to your chosen website. see here: User manual

    You can also import videos and photos directly from your Batt-Stick, or from a location on your computer using the Bandit Studio software.