TomTom Rider 2 won't turn on

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edited January 30 in RIDER first post on here so hopefully I'm in the right place. I have just purchased a second hand BMW which came with a Tom Tom Rider 2 sat nav plus docking kit on handlebars. I turned it on a few days ago and it worked fine but battery was low. I also put it on the bike and that worked too..albeit tested for around 30 minutes only. Unfortunately, today, it will not turn on...either on its own or on the bike. Any ideas as to why this would suddenly stop working? I have noticed that it has a micro usb port plus a round pin connector....which one is used for charging? The sat nav did not come with a charger of any sort. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am not used to this product. Regards.


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    It should be a mini USB and supposed to take charge over that (as far as I recall), when connected to the PC.
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    Hi Deano79,

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    Did you get this sorted with Zsolt’s help?

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    My old Rider 2 did not charge over USB when connected to the computer...
    I always had to connect it to the charger when playing around for a longer time.
    If your Rider does not start up after being connected to the charger for several minutes use a paperclip, in the small hole to the left of the charging plug, to reset your Rider. I had to do this every once in awhile, but mostly when I removed the SD card to put routes on it.

    Hope this helps you forward.
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    The charging cradles on these were notoriously bad, either intermittent, failing or falling off.
    I suspect it isn't charging through it.
  • BliejeBlieje Posts: 90 [Master Explorer]
    Failing of the cradle forced me to buy the rider 400 :(
    Complaining at TomTom resulted in a 30% discount :)
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