Suggestion to fix the Runner 2 wristband design flaw

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(guess im not asking a Q's.. maybe see this as some free advice to Tomtom)

Hi tomtom,

Just adding my two cents regarding this matter. I'm a happy tomtom customer whose wristband have failed 3 times in 14 months. I swim a lot and my suspicion is that the wristband degrades extremely quickly due to the chlorine/salts in swimming pools..

Since this is my third band it must rule out shoddy quality control (that I just got a bad batch). I've replaced all the straps though the retailer under warranty with a nice message from Tomtom saying that they have made changes to improve the strap. At least its admirable from tomtom to admit they cocked up the design (by saying they improved it).

If someone from tomtom is reading this please.. please stop improving the band! Because you're going backwards, my last improved wristband only lasted 3 months. Improvement goes the other way doesn't it?

I might be able to offer a solution.. Own up to the fact that you cocked up the design and redesign it using this great new resource that's available nowadays (well nowadays on in a glacier timeline) called "engineers", they're amazing and can design stuff AND test it simulating chlorine rich, salty or sweaty environments in controlled conditions. This way it won't consistently fail on your customers. You got to get some engineers, they're amazing - next level stuff!

When you manage to find some of them (engineers), please asked them to really improve the wristband to last say... two years. This is because I quite like that it fails so quick currently cause its staysl under warranty. At least I can get replacement straps every few months for the rest of my life with the current failure rate. I do feel for the retailer though.. and all these trips back and forth to them is bad for the environment and the bees.

Keep it up!

Yours sincerely,


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