Spark 3 cardio - route exploration function for bike/use as bike computer?

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Is the route exploration function on Tom Tom Spark 3 cardio suitable for use on bike, or is best for running? I would like to use the Tom Tom Spark 3 cardio as a bike computer, and upload gpx files and use the route exploration function to navigate on the bike. How well would this work?


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    It would work fine, as long as your watch is mounted on the handlebars, as it wouldn't really be safe to be looking at your watch constantly. You can upload any trail, whether it is in the woods or on the streets and you will get a breadcrumb trail to follow. Be aware there is no underlying maps for context, it is literally a line with an arrow on it, so it helps if you have a general idea of where you are going. It is not the same experience as using a bike computer that has built in street maps.

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