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Watch stops to sync after 9%

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The last time I synced my phone was at the 23th of May. Since that date I made 2 long hikes (with a lot of data) whitch I wanted to upload today. The watch and phone are connected correctly, but fail to sync after 9-10%. It take quite a while and I try to keep the connection open, but after 10 minutes it stops its connection.

I cannot connect the phone to the computer because I have a chromebook and Tomtom does not has an app to connect to that. I can connect the device to each other and I can find some music in the explorer, but it does not sync to the website, it only charges the battery.
(I used all USB ports I have, the wire is connected properly)

I reinstalled the app to be sure, but nothing helped so far. What have I missed?


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,091 Moderator
    Hi Inges,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I can see that your watch has the old software (1.3.204) version installed on it. I would advise you to restore factory defaults via Sports connect on your computer, please see the public FAQ here to do so: Resetting the watch

    After a reset, Sports Connect will prompt the latest software (1.3.255) notification to install it on your watch. Also, the watch requires a Windows or Mac PC. A Chromebook is not a full computer, it is essentially a mobile operating system and does not support the watch.

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