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Battery usage for MyDrive app on the xperia phone



  • El_ProwlerEl_Prowler Posts: 37 [Legendary Explorer]
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    Unfortunateley, when I kill the MyDrive app. (in Android Parameters / Applications / MyDrive / ForcedStop or with Ccleaner), it is still running, as the time spent by the app. in sleep mode (seen in battery consumption screen) keeps increasing.
    It should be possible to shut down this app, but in my case (and some others), it is not, and it always consummes battery !! (I finally uninstalled it yesterday, and my battery consumption as been decreased by a factor 2 !)

    I do not see why it should be a trouble due to my Galaxy S9, as the trouble seems to appear also on Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8+, Nexus 5x, LG, Pixel 2xl et 3xl, HTC 10,... and other phones, as comments here (and in several other topics), or on Google Play Store confirm it, with so many compaints of customers : the MyDrive app. should be ALSO designed for Bluetooth Low Energy support or whatever (Bluetooth Low Energy available in Android 4.3... I've an Android 10 ! That's not as it a was a new spec. !).
    Especially, I don't understand why MyDrive should be active (or sleeping, but not killed) when Bluetooth is off (which is the case on my phone, when I do not want to use connexion with my Rider550, so 99% of the time).

    Customer service (by phone) previously anwered me thay could not do anything as the app. is not a Tomtom device, and that I should see parameters of my phone, but I've been contacted by email then, and they seems to recognizes that their is a trouble DUE to the application (even if they are still unable to solve it).

    Their last answer to our exchanges if you want (sorry, it is in french) ;
    Nous vous remercions d'avoir contacté le support clientèle TomTom.
    Suite à notre dernier échange, comme c'était discuté, selon le retour du département concerné, je vous confirme que nos techniciens sont conscients de ce problème et y travaillons avec la plus haute priorité. Ils font le maximum pour que ce souci soit résolu dans les délais les plus brefs. Je vous prie d'accepter nos excuses pour ce contretemps bien regrettable.
    Je vous assure également que nos superviseurs effectuent un suivi sur tous les cas qui rencontrent le même souci en ayant votre adresse émail comme référence.
    Dès que ce souci sera résolu , je vais vous recontacter.
    Nous nous excusons pour tout inconvénient.

    Concerning the way to "configure Bluetooth tethering like the rider 4x0" ; I don't understand. I did not have a previous version of Rider before.
    What I see, is that it does not seem to be possible to connect a phone with the Rider550 by Bluetooth (or I did not find how ?) without installing MyDrive. Once connexion has been done (with MyDrive so), then, it is possible to uninstal the app. (by keeping recognition process that has been defined, and sharing datas of the phone by Bluetooth) and keeping connexion with MyDrive, TraficJam Live, etc... but it is quite difficult to obtain, and NOT explained anywhere, because the only explaination provided by the Rider550 to connect a phone is "to connect a phone, please install MyDrive" :-1:

    Sorry to be so long, but unfortunately, I'm very disappointed by answer brought by customer service (that admit the trouble but do not seem able to solve it for years !), found here (that explains me what to do... which works with phones that do not have the trouble but not on mine), or that this is not Tomtom fault (who design MyDrive app. so ?)
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 679 [Revered Pioneer]
    See page 30 of the manual

    To configure Bluetooth tethering.

    Simple remove the MyDrive App.
    Than remove the BT connection to the Phone on your Rider and Remove the Rider BT connection on our phone.

    After this you can configure BT tethering.

    (Google Now will not work this way. MyDrive is needed for this.)

    (The best way to diagnose a bad Bluetooth Low Energy implementation on your phone is monitor for frequent disconnections and high battery consumption.
    Yes Android 4.3 support BLE but the phone Chipset and drivers must also support BLE to be really Low Energy.)
    If you upgraded your Samsung to Android 9 did you already clear the hidden cache. This is something Samsung forgets to do.
  • El_ProwlerEl_Prowler Posts: 37 [Legendary Explorer]
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    BT connexion between my Rider550 and my phone did not seem to be able to etablish without MyDrive, as it requires a QRcode identification displayed by the Rider and identified by the phone thanks to MyDrive and the phone's camera. Or I did not found how to establish connexion without MyDrive... :/
    But I succed in connecting them WITH MyDrive, and then uninstalled the app., and its still works ;) , but it does not solve the trouble of MyDrive.

    Concerning my phone, it was delivered with Android9 and has been upgraded to Android10. I don't know if there is a trouble with it, but I use BT connexion for a helmet Sena SF2 headphone, Marshall StanMore speaker, and I do not need specific app. that empty my battery for that.

    The fact is, that it is not possible to completely shut down the MyDrive app. on my phone, and that it's always stay active in sleep mode, and consummes battery, and there is no reason for that (especially when BT is off).
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 679 [Revered Pioneer]
    On my phone 8 hours MyDrive uses 1% Battery.

    I can stop MyDrive with KillApps than it doesn't use the battery but I have to start MyDrive before I use my TomTom Rider.

    With most Android phones you have to manually clear the hidden Cache after a upgrade to a newer Android version. This usually solves a lot of Bluetooth problems.
    I advice you to clear the hidden Cache on your phone.
  • El_ProwlerEl_Prowler Posts: 37 [Legendary Explorer]
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    Android Cache has been cleared... but I uninstalled the app. as I still do not have any news form customer service for more than 2 weeks.

    Ah the incident was open for more than 28 days, it has been automatically classified WITHOUT any satisfying answer from their part, and no way for me to contact then anymore (except opening a new incident) !! :s
    That's a shame !!!!
  • hieronymouschhieronymousch Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Huge battery usage on a nokia 9 (clean android), works fine with other BLE devices like my smartwatch or Scala Rider headset. Impossible to force stop the app.
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 679 [Revered Pioneer]
    On my Phone KillApps does stop MyDrive.
    (Sortimenten you need to retry)
  • El_ProwlerEl_Prowler Posts: 37 [Legendary Explorer]
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    Still no answer of the customer service since the 8th of May !

    They closed the incident, explained that they were working on it, and that they'll sent an email in case of solution...
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