iPhone app & Bandit camera registration

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Can you anyone please tell me how to register my camera and update it. The useless iPhone app doesn't allow me to register an account. No idea why! Pretty Poor. I've seen folk say use the MySport app but I need to pay for this so I'm not going to use that!

I cannot install studio because I get the open gl2.1 error message. So basically I've spent over £200 on a camera and can't do much with it. I may have to return this product & buy a new Drift. At least that worked.


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    Oh & I used a new Samsung 64GB EVO Plus Micro SD SDXC UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card - Upto 80MB/S this won't work either.
    And yes I tried formatting it, still won't work. I got either nothing or very jerky playback on the app.
    More often than not I got nothing, when I checked I kept getting an error message - I was using the remote to start & stop recording.

    All in all not a good start to Bandit ownership.
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    Hi Sweep,

    Welcome to the Community and sorry about the delay in response!

    I can see that you already contacted the support and they created the account for your Bandit camera to register with it. Please follow the steps mentioned in an email sent by the support and let us know how it goes!